Health Reform for America

In seeking to establish a healthier future for our nation, certain
facts need to be acknowledged:

Not one in ten Americans consume a diet providing the Recommended
Daily Allowance (RDA) of all essential nutrients on a regular basis.
Add to this the fact that the RDAs of several nutrients are far less
than the ideal amounts for optimum health. (And some important
nutrients have no RDA established by the government.) There are some
who advocate a “natural lifestyle”, calling “supplementary
dietary additives” an unnecessary waste of money. The fact is that
universal supplementation of Vitamin D alone would save the nation
billions of dollars in healthcare expenses. And it is completely
illogical to advocate that Americans obtain all necessary nutrition
from diet alone. How many of us live where there is no pollution? How
many are not constantly bombarded by man-made electromagnetic
radiation? Do we consume foods which are grown in non-depleted soils,
are unrefined, and contain no harmful additives? How many Americans
consistently consume a natural, organic diet? How many of us are
unaffected by unnatural levels of noise, of man-made allergens, or of
radon or other radioactive materials? Supplementation is essential,
and helps prevent many health conditions.

Without sufficient exercise, our health will continue to be devastated
by grave problems, including obesity, diabetes and heart disease.
There are many factors which contribute to the decreased levels of
physical activity in the population. One is the difficulty we
experience in attempting to conduct our daily activities on foot or
bicycle. Few roads are properly designed to safely accommodate
pedestrians. Bicyclists too often find themselves competing directly
with vehicles outweighing them by 10 or 20 times. We must give
attention to designing and adapting our living environments to
reintegrate exercise and transportation. Employers need to recognize
the importance of providing shower facilities, bicycle racks, and even
exercise areas. Active employees are healthy and productive employees.
Government must do its part to encourage a more physically-active
population, while at the same time creating incentives to reduce
fossil-fuel consumption. These are not “expenses” we can’t afford;
they’re investments we can’t afford to neglect.

Reason and common sense need to take the place of fear-mongering. Do
we refer to our road system as “socialized transportation”? What about
our police and emergency responders? Do we disparage the US Postal
Service as “socialism at work”, preferring to allow private companies
to deliver mail where they wish, at whatever price they choose? So why
do we let the insurance industry deceive us into thinking that a
single-payer system would be bad for America? Is it bad to assure
health coverage for everyone? Is it “dangerous government
interference” to prevent those who most need insurance from being
“conveniently” discharged or denied coverage? Is it wrong to accept a
system which successfully provides health care to the citizens of many
developed nations? Is it a mistake to place health, disease
prevention, economy-of-scale, and compassion above corporate profits?
Is it wrong to achieve better health for all Americans for the same
amount we presently spend? NO! It’s not wrong; it’s common sense.
For-profit companies will almost always seek ways to deny coverage to
those most in need, because the sick cut into profits. We can continue
to accept “medical bankruptcies” and taxpayer-funded emergency rooms
overburdened by people who could have been more cheaply treated
earlier. We can continue to place the public at the mercy of a
confusing, inefficient employer-based system. In short, we can
continue, if we so choose, to destroy the future physical and fiscal
health of Americans.
The current system is ill-suited for a modern, developed nation. It
cannot be “fixed”; it must be replaced.

“Land of the free and home of the brave?” Freedom of speech, freedom
to choose one’s course of treatment, freedom to refuse treatment-
these, our freedoms, are at stake. We have a government “of the
people, by the people, for the people”. So, is government our enemy,
is corporate America our enemy, or are we our own worst enemy? When we
allow corporations to distort democracy and put their narrow interests
above the public interest, we allow government to drift from its
proper role towards fascism. When government tells us what “acceptable
science” is, and suppresses inconvenient truths, we must dissent from
the rewriting of history. We must recognize that nature holds the
“assumption of innocence until proven guilty” of being outsmarted by
science. Too often, nature’s wisdom has taken a back seat to profit.
We need to establish government as an unbiased arbiter, rather than
allowing the wealthy and powerful to push through agendas, designed
not to promote public health, but their own economic prosperity. As
reported recently by ABC News, red yeast rice provides the same
benefits as statins
, with fewer side-effects. Corporate powers seek to
deny our right to this traditional remedy because they can’t profit
from it, and it is an affront to their supposed “superior knowledge”.
It’s not that modern science hasn’t benefited us, but unless we
maintain vigilance, science will often be manipulated to our
detriment. We must be brave in order to remain free.

A System in Crisis

Trace Mineral Lithium Substantially Reduces Suicides when Present in Local Water (Good also for manic-depressive disorder, and may help prevent Alzheimer's; Lithium Orotate and Lithium Aspartate are safe forms for supplementation. The usual daily dose is about 10 mg of elemental Lithium.)

Mercury- the most toxic, nonradioactive metal known to man

The following groups of people should definitely restrict or eliminate mercury exposure: Those who are pregnant or nursing, infants, those with immune deficiency, and those with autism. There is now a dental amalgam that contains indium as well as mercury. The indium helps retain the mercury so that less is released into the environment. There are also high-copper amalgams, which contain less mercury and more copper. A mercury-free amalgam at least as effective as the 50% mercury amalgam commonly used was developed in the US using taxpayer dollars. Why isn’t “hand consolidated silver” available to the public? Could it be that the ADA refuses to promote this advance because it might expose them as having been complicit in the poisoning of 100 million Americans?

Things to Ponder

Each year, over 100,000 Americans become ill from Salmonella they got from eggs. One Salmonella infection can cause life-long chronic arthritis. Up to a million birds are warehoused in one windowless chicken shed.

70% of the antibiotics produced in the US are used on livestock, leading to the creation of “superbugs”.

About half of the pigs and half of the pig farmers tested in the US in 2009 were infected with Methicillin Resistant Staph Aureus. MRSA is life-threatening and contagious. Retail pork is often contaminated with MRSA.

In the past 30 years, about ¾ of all new human diseases arose from animals, mostly related to intensive farming practices and habitat destruction.

E. coli and other life-threatening microbes can be contracted from vegetables contaminated with livestock factory-farm runoff.

Sugar, Cancer, & Stevia

Toxic Insect Repellents

Is cancer caused by a vitamin deficiency? 

Treating cancer is a multi-billion dollar industry in the US. Ironically, many cancer treatments are known to cause cancer! And studies have shown that often, survival time is no longer in those treated than in those who, for whatever reasons, do not receive “approved treatments”. The Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in Manhattan, New York, is the epitome of the orthodox medical establishment. A five-year study of vitamin B17 (also known as Laetrile) began in 1972 at Sloan-Kettering. This rigorous study was headed by the highly regarded senior lab researcher, Kanematsu Sugiura. He reported five results at the conclusion of testing:

1-     Laetrile stopped the spreading of cancer (metastasis) in mice.

2-     Laetrile improved the general health of the mice.

3-     Laetrile inhibited the growth of small tumors.

4-     Laetrile acted to prevent cancer.

5-     Laetrile provided pain relief. (Presumably based on increased activity levels.)

Quoting the official report: “Dr. Sugiura has never observed complete regression of these tumors in all his cosmic experience with other chemotherapeutic agents.” As might be expected, the “powers-that-be” found the report highly dissatisfactory. They set about designing studies that would produce the desired results. Through such deceptive devices as ineffective dosing and manipulation of procedures and data, “success” was achieved. Referring to the medical establishment’s concocted “scientific proof” that vitamin B17 is worthless in preventing or controlling cancer, Dr. Ernst T. Krebs, Jr. stated, “There is nothing quite so easy to accomplish as failure.” (Dr. Krebs and his father discovered vitamins B15 and B17 while studying the properties of apricot seeds.) Long before the 1970s, of course, the anti-laetrilists had considerable experience in persecuting those deemed a threat. One of the most-often cited documents in their arsenal was the 1953 report of the Cancer Commission of the California Medical Association, commonly referred to as the California Report. The conclusion of this pseudo-scientific report stated, “No satisfactory evidence has been produced to indicate any significant cytotoxic effect of Laetrile on the cancer cell.” The authors of the California Report were Dr. Ian MacDonald and Dr. Henry Garland. Here’s a 1964 quote from Dr. Garland: “A current widely held hypothesis is that cigarette smoking is causally related to a vast number of different diseases, ranging from cancer to coronary arteriosclerosis. After studying the question for several years, notably in its reported relationship to primary bronchial cancer, it is my considered opinion that the hypothesis is not proven…. Cigarettes in moderation are regarded by many as one of the better tranquilizers….” Dr. MacDonald is quoted in U.S. News & World Report as saying that smoking is “a harmless pastime up to 24 cigarettes per day….A pack a day keeps lung cancer away.” Most physicians refer to reports by “health experts” such as these, and thus determine that Laetrile must be worthless. They are virtually prohibited from using or even recommending it by the US government, so the public is effectively kept in the dark. The medical establishment previously led campaigns against those advocating hand washing and more recently, against chiropractors. They have also been known to blow completely out of proportion any rare side effects from natural supplements. The fact is that side effects from pharmaceuticals are far more frequent and almost always more severe.  

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The main dietary sources of vitamin B17 are seeds, especially the seeds of the stone fruits. Apple seeds are also a good source. Those cultures that consume regular quantities of foods high in B17 have almost no cancer. This includes the Hunzas, who regularly live beyond 90 years of age and are physically active right up to the last few weeks of life. A main component of the Hunza diet is apricots, the seed of which is especially prized. Apricot seeds contain more vitamin B17 than any other food. Many individuals worldwide eat seven to ten apricot seeds daily due to their conviction that this greatly reduces the possibility of contracting cancer during their lifetime. Of course, it is also important to avoid cancer triggers, most notably tobacco.

Vitamin B17 is a compound uniting four molecules; two of glucose (sugar) and one each of cyanide and benzaldehyde. Beta-glucosidase is an enzyme produced in greatest quantity by cancer cells. B.G. is the only substance that breaks vitamin B17 into its components. Thus cyanide and benzaldehyde are released in greatest quantity in the presence of cancer cells. The cyanide appears as sugar to the cancer cells, so they absorb it as food, resulting in the death of the malignant cells. Benzaldehyde is also toxic to cancer cells. In fact, cyanide and benzaldehyde together are much more lethal than either is alone. Rhodanese is an enzyme produced by healthy cells that breaks down cyanide and benzaldehyde into beneficial compounds. Cancer cells produce little if any rhodanese. Pancreatic enzymes work naturally in conjunction with Laetrile to prevent cancer cells from establishing themselves in the body. The small intestine, where the pancreatic enzymes are emptied, almost never becomes cancerous. High-calorie diets contribute to cancer genesis as well. Probably one reason for this is the depletion of pancreatic enzymes resulting from excessive food intake. Proteolytic/pancreatic enzymes are often used in combination with B17 to increase its anti-cancer effect. Hyperbaric oxygen chamber treatments are also effective. Vitamin B15 (Pangamic acid), bis-carboxyethyl germanium sesquioxide, and EWOT (exercise with oxygen therapy) may also prove helpful since they help to oxygenate the body. Unlike healthy cells, cancer cells live on sugar rather than oxygen. (Avemar, produced from wheat germ, interferes with cancer cells’ glucose metabolism.)

Medical “authorities” insist that Laetrile is dangerous because it contains the deadly poison, cyanide. There is some dispute as to whether Laetrile has ever killed anyone. In any event, it is far safer than aspirin. In some countries other than the US, an occasional apricot tree is discovered with extremely bitter seeds. These trees are generally destroyed. There are reports of some children becoming ill and perhaps dying after eating large quantities of seeds from these trees. A rule of thumb to exercise an abundance of caution is to avoid eating more seeds that what would be in a quantity of fruit one could reasonably consume at one time. (Many common substances can cause fatality if consumed in sufficient quantity; water and salt are two examples. It is interesting to note that vitamins B12 and B17 both contain cyanide. So do blackberries and blueberries, which are very health-promoting. Anthocyanin structure)

The formula given in the Old Testament for the preparation of bread includes six ingredients, five of which are high in vitamin B17; barley, beans, lentils, millet and garbanzos. White rats were fed 70 times the normal human dose of Laetrile in a series of tests. The only side-effects were greater appetite, weight gain and superior health. This suggests that a deficiency of B17 in the diet has health consequences, even if the deficiency is not severe enough for cancer to develop. It should also be remembered that some cancers can grow in the body for years before being diagnosed. In like manner, vitamin C deficiency has health effects long before scurvy develops. Thousands die annually due to a lack of vitamin B17 in their diets. On the other hand, prudence suggests avoiding the consumption of more than 100 mg daily of Laetrile in tablet form, save in the case of cancer. Cancer patients are strongly advised to be under the care of an expert in its treatment. This holds true when receiving Laetrile injections or consuming more than 100 mg daily by mouth. Some argue that vitamins B13, B15 and B17 aren’t vitamins at all and are unnecessary for human health. Similar claims are made against minerals such as indium. However, there is little hope of reaching a definitive decision concerning this. As with plants, humans can survive in apparent good health for a period of time with little or no intake of certain important nutrients. This doesn’t prove they are not beneficial; it may be that the organism has stores of the nutrient or is able to adapt to a shortage, at least for a certain period. Sometimes one nutrient can “fill in” for another, or be converted into another through internal chemistry. Many conditions routinely medicated in humans with risky pharmaceuticals are economically prevented and treated in livestock with common nutrients.

Trophoblasts are fast-growing cells formed in the body to promote healing. They also play an important role in cases of pregnancy or cancer. Pregnancy tests detect a certain hormone. A positive result generally indicates pregnancy or cancer. If the patient is male or a female who is not pregnant, then a positive result indicates cancer 92% of the time. Other possible reasons for a positive result are ulcer, Duke’s disease or cirrhosis. Trophoblast cells in the normal embryo grow and spread until the eighth week, when they stop growing and are destroyed. This is likely due to the fact that the fetal pancreas begins to function in the eighth week.

Due to the anti-B17 hysteria promoted by “modern medicine”, foods highest in this nutrient are generally either refined to remove the “dangerous cyanide” or denigrated to the extent that the intake by most Americans of this vitamin is minimal. At least 26 papers were published by 1974, which were written by well-known physicians who had used Laetrile in the treatment of their patients. Each of these concluded that Laetrile was safe and effective in treating cancer. This naturally-occurring substance is currently used routinely in several countries for cancer treatment. The facts speak for themselves, and truth will prevail over government-aided quackery.  

Lentils Halt Breast Cancer and Make Nutritious Meals for Pennies

Tip for preparing whole lentils, beans, and similar seed-foods:

Soak overnight. Drain and rinse. Keep moist and warm. Rinse and drain every 12 hours or so until they begin to sprout (should be a day or two). Now they will cook more quickly, taste better, and be much more nutritious. (Even if immediately cooked in fresh water after soaking 12 hours, the gas-producing quality of these foods will be greatly reduced.)

Another source of cancer-destroying cyanide

A nation that destroys its soils destroys itself. Forests are the lungs of our land, purifying the air and giving fresh strength to our people.”
Franklin D. Roosevelt

Why swine flu vaccines just don't add up: Doing the (fuzzy) math

Vitamin D deficiency is rampant among pregnant women and could be having devastating consequences on the youngest generations. In large part, pre-birth Vitamin D levels determine your health for life. Women who may become pregnant should also be careful to take multi-vitamin and B-complex supplements. The more pesticides a fetus is exposed to, the greater the risk of becoming an overweight toddler, and an overweight adult. Other obesogens are found in certain plastics and disinfectants.

Barack Obama calls for “no discrimination for pre-existing conditions” and “no dropping of coverage if you become seriously ill”. So the questions we must ask are, “How do we prevent people from waiting until they get sick to sign up for health insurance?” and “How are the unemployed supposed to afford insurance?” Rumor has it that all Americans will be required to obtain insurance. So the wealthier members of society will obviously have to subsidize the poor in some way- many of the poor can’t even afford life’s basic necessities. We must also inquire as to how much it will cost to police hundreds of insurance companies and millions of citizens. Why don’t we simplify our lives and save money by following the lead of so many other advanced nations? A single-payer system is funded by taxes, so everyone pays whatever is deemed just. Everyone is covered at all times and the main emphasis is on prevention, not cure, so costs are minimized and lifespan maximized. This is the system which best addresses human compassion, economy, efficiency, and health outcomes. The longer America delays adopting a single payer health care system, the farther behind we will fall.

Obscene Drug Profits: Where They Go

Non-organic produce with the highest pesticide residues: peaches, pears, apples, grapes, nectarines, strawberries, cherries, bell pepper, celery, lettuce, carrots, and kale.

Factory-farmed swine are likely the source of the H1N1 virus. Possible tools to combat this pestilence include EpiCor and UV light blood treatment. More

Mercury is the only substance ever shown to induce antibiotic resistance in bacteria, other than an antibiotic itself.



Insecticide linked to Parkinson’s Disease

Over a dozen nations enjoy average life expectancy equal to the US while spending less than half as much per person on health care. These are some factors seen abroad that may account for this considerable US disadvantage: greater emphasis on prevention and health maintenance, greater acceptance of natural medicine, more emphasis on substance abuse treatment rather than criminal prosecution, lower overhead costs due to standardized paperwork or less advertising, fewer uninsured leading to fewer expensive emergencies, fewer restrictions on where health care may be accessed resulting in faster treatment in emergencies, and less fraud and excessive malpractice costs.

…Tight neckties might cause intraocular pressure (IOP), which increases the risk of developing glaucoma. Researchers recruited 20 men with glaucoma and 20 men with healthy eyesight. IOP was tested on each subject three times: once while wearing an open-neck shirt, once while wearing a tight necktie, and once after removing the tie. The majority of both groups had higher IOP after wearing the tie. Researchers believe that when the jugular vein is constricted by snug neckwear, blood pressure and IOP increase. -Institute of Health Sciences, L.L.C.

Phenylethylamine (PEA), an endogenous neuroamine, increases attention and activity in animals and has been shown to relieve depression in 60% of depressed patients, with no apparent side-effects. In order to be effective, PEA must be consumed with a MAO inhibitor, such as kava-kava.

One of the most potent natural antioxidants is chaparral. As is the case with alcohol consumption, those taking kava or chaparral should have a healthy liver, and avoid excess.

Many consider another endogenous substance to be the best antidote to insomnia; melatonin also confers several other health benefits.

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Omega-3 Deficiency Causes Up to 96,000 U.S. Deaths Per Year


Fish oil capsules are an efficient way to get seafood’s crucial omega-3s, known as DHA and EPA, and tests have shown they’re typically free of mercury (Reader’s Digest). As long as one is selective, fish is the healthiest of all fleshfood for human consumption. The following species are both high in healthy omega-3s and low in mercury: Herring, Atlantic Mackerel (not King Mackerel), freshwater Trout, and Salmon (wild, not farmed- Remember - Real Salmon jump waterfalls!).

Vitamin B-1 (thiamine) and garlic make you 'stink' to a mosquito.

Ginger is considered by many the best preventive and antidote to nausea and motion-sickness.

While virtually everyone living in the US is well-advised to take a daily multivitamin/multimineral, this is especially true of women who might become pregnant. The USDA says only 4% of Americans get the RDA of essential vitamins. An early Congressional report stated only 1% of Americans were getting enough minerals from dietary sources. It's undoubtedly even worse now, due to an estimated 85% depletion of the minerals in our soils. Non-organic practices accelerate and stimulate plant growth, even when essential nutrients are lacking in both fertilizer and soil.

Pesticides may be a leading cause of major diseases

How can the United States bring healthcare costs under control? This is a crisis situation which threatens the very freedoms supposedly defended by opponents of reform. The present insurance chaos causes about 700,000 medical bankruptcies in America each year. The costs of unpaid debt are obviously passed on to society in general.

There are many factors which would help improve the current dysfunctional system. First, we must recognize that the task of attempting to determine who is most likely to need insurance is a costly one. The insurance industry passes these costs on to those determined “healthy enough to insure”. Second, the maze of differing rules and paperwork from one state to the next and from one insurer to the next create additional administrative costs which the public must fund. Third, we must fund the insurance company executives’ salaries and provide a profit to their shareholders. Fourth, there are advertising and lobbying costs that must be covered by insurance premiums as well. Setting aside the argument, for the moment, that the current system is inhumane and immoral, we must recognize it as highly inefficient. Virtually every developed nation on earth has faced these facts and included some type of "right to medical care" in the national constitution. The results have been largely positive, with lower costs and higher average lifespan than seen in the USA. 

As long as the American people fail to recognize the wisdom of a single-payer system, certain reforms will help the nation avoid economic disaster. 

First, preventive care must somehow be provided to all, especially children. The current system penalizes the poor and the unemployed and increases costs of insurance through cost-shifting. Treatment is delayed, which is not only immoral, but ends up costing society more in the long run. We all pay, through cost-shifting, to fund increased emergency room visits and ambulance services, avoidable disability and chronic disease, as well as increases in crime and incarceration. 

Second, the link between employment and coverage must be broken. Too many are prevented from advancing in their professional lives because of fear of losing their coverage. 

Third, the current practice of discontinuing coverage through any conceivable method, must be stopped. To insure someone only until they actually need the coverage is a despicable way to treat those faced with severe health conditions. Tying insurance to employment only worsens this dilemma. 

Fourth, we need malpractice reform. The current system rewards attorneys with huge sums of money while leading to countless medically unnecessary and expensive procedures. These outrageous settlements balloon the cost of medical insurance. 

Fifth, there must be a national marketplace for insurance coverage with national standards. Americans must be allowed to purchase insurance from a company based in another state. Currently, consumer choice is limited by antiquated legislation which increases costs by interfering with competition.  

Sixth, government must use education, taxation, and legislation to better enable Americans to get sufficient exercise and avoid the dietary and drug choices which most severely impact health. Vitamin and mineral fortification of food is a good concept, but the current levels of added nutrients are insufficient to promote optimum health. 

Polls indicate that it is easier for American teens to obtain marijuana than the more deadly legal drugs alcohol and tobacco. Pot should be taxed and kept out of the hands of minors as it is in Holland (where rates of consumption are lower than in the US). This will keep pot smokers out of the black market and put funds into government hands rather than those of the cartels. All taxes from alcohol, tobacco and marijuana should go to help fund health care. Marijuana prohibition is an expensive failure, based on racism and hysteria, rather than science. Let’s dedicate scarce law enforcement and legal system resources to “real crimes”. 

America can no longer afford to ignore inconvenient truths. By reasoning from cause to effect, we will see numerous steps to take towards a healthier population without increasing costs. 

Calls for Further Research into Medicinal Marijuana Gain Momentum

“The Miracle Enzyme”

Irradiated Foods Cause Severe Neurological Damage

Living Near Power Lines Linked to Alzheimer’s Disease


“We’re in the great ship Titanic, the Earth is, and it’s going to take half a century to really turn the ship. But that doesn’t mean we can’t start doing it today, and we must.” -Nobel physicist Steven Chu

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AT THE FAMED PASTEUR INSTITUTE in St. Petersburg, Russia, doctors routinely healed patients of deadly infectious diseases without any antibiotics, using nothing more than the germ-killing power of ultraviolet light. The process is similar to dialysis, with the blood being exposed to UV light and then reintroduced to the body. Ironically, this life-saving therapy called photoluminescence was perfected in America, back before World War II! After the discovery of penicillin, it fell out of widespread use. Today, facing a wide array of dangerous germs, we need it more than ever. But the technology is in the public domain, so it won't make big money for anyone and vested interests are trying to have it banned. Sunlight, infrared, and LLLT (low-level laser therapy) also have healing and/or pain-relieving properties.

Vitamin D is a potent antioxidant which helps prevent rickets, cancer, osteoporosis, Parkinson’s Disease, dementia, Multiple Sclerosis, heart attacks, infection, etc. The majority of Americans are vitamin D deficient. A daily intake of 1000-2000 IU is recommended for optimal health. Vitamin D has been shown in studies to be harmless for most people at intakes of up to 10,000 IU/day. There are indications that vitamin D deficiency may be related to the incidence of autism.

A study published in June 2008 showed that men with low vitamin D levels suffer 2.42 times more heart attacks.

If vitamin D’s only benefit were to reduce coronary heart attack rates, the net savings (after deducting the cost of the vitamin D) if every American supplemented properly would be around $84 billion each year. That’s enough to put a major dent in the health care cost crisis that is forecast to bankrupt Medicare and many private insurance plans.

Supplementation may enhance the anti-inflammatory effects of NSAIDs while reducing their ulcerogenic effects. One study found that when various anti-inflammatory drugs were chelated with copper, the anti-inflammatory activity was increased. Animal models of inflammation have found that the copper chelate of aspirin was active at one-eighth the effective dose of aspirin. These copper complexes are less toxic than the parent compounds, as well.

Statins: Red yeast rice contains a chemical identical to a commonly prescribed statin drug. The patent for the combination therapy of statins with CoEnzyme Q10 is held by a statin manufacturer. However, few patients are aware that statins can dangerously lower their CoQ10 levels.

Cinnamon is an effective supplement for those with diabetes.

Vitamin K2 is effective against osteoporosis and helps the blood to coagulate. Vitamin K cream is effective for spider-veins.

Hops, being the plant most closely related to cannabis, is the source of more than one beneficial phytonutrient.

Resveratrol may increase lifespan in humans, as it does in some other species.

Saw palmetto extract is effective for prostate support.

Quercetin is a very useful supplement for a variety of issues.

A brown cloud of air pollution now affects several countries on three continents, blocking up to 25% of sunlight in some cities.

Floating plastic garbage covers a large area in the Pacific Ocean. Over a period of years, plastics break into smaller and smaller pieces. Many fish and birds are consuming large quantities of toxic plastics.

Mercury in seafood comes from several sources.  The burning of coal contaminates the air, which then falls in the rain. Fungicides and pesticides contaminate crops and enter the water cycle. Lastly, tons of mercury are used annually in metal dental fillings. Most mercury from dental office drains and human waste enters the watershed, the oceans and the food chain. The FDA has set a limit of 1 part per million (ppm) of mercury in seafood. So the limit in 100 grams (about three and a half ounces) of fish is 0.1 mg. On the other hand, the US government has never issued a strong warning against amalgam dental fillings, which consist of 50% mercury. A large filling contains about a gram of mercury. If only five percent of the mercury is released into the mouth over 10 years, this would be five mg of mercury annually, per filling. In this scenario, four filings would release about 20 mg of mercury a year, which would presumably be equivalent to consuming 20 kg (44 pounds) of fish with the maximum recommended level of mercury. In 1991, the World Health Organization acknowledged that the predominant source of mercury exposure to humans is from fillings.

The Politics of Poison  

The HFCS Fairy Tale

Life Extension Foundation

Remember the Bhopal Disaster and the Tuskegee Study.

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The over-reliance on pharmaceuticals in the US has led to a long list of side-effects, as well as water and air pollution. Medical education is grossly lacking in many cases concerning nutrition and “alternative medicine”. The medical establishment often denigrates the value of nature’s remedies. (There’s little money in it for the pharmaceutical companies. Physicians now intend to voluntarily refuse free trips and other perks from drug companies. Doubtless the free samples will continue.) It’s an unfortunate fact that some physicians prescribe placebos such as sugar pills- a nutrient supplement would doubtless be more beneficial. However, when a major drug company is able to patent a nutrient or a variation thereof, its effectiveness is suddenly accepted. It’s time to stop hiding behind the excuse that “this supplement hasn’t been scientifically proven to be beneficial”. This is equally true of many drugs long sold in the US, some OTC. Obviously, no company or individual is likely to spend the millions needed to convince the government a substance is beneficial for a certain ailment if the substance cannot be patented. They could never recover their investment. The government could invest in such research, but seldom does due to its unholy alliance with the big drug companies. These giants pay the government to expedite drug approval, and corruption is rife in this system. It’s time to fairly evaluate all forms of nutrition/medicine. Too often a natural remedy is assumed worthless until proven otherwise, to the government’s satisfaction. The fact that many of these treatments have been successfully employed for decades or centuries is termed “hearsay”. Extensive studies carried out abroad are ignored. Meanwhile the patented drug is considered a blessing until overwhelming evidence forces the government to reverse its unwise “seal of approval”. Nonsensical excuses have held up progress, sometimes for decades in the US. An example is their refusal for years to approve stop-smoking treatments. I believe their reasoning was that “smoking isn’t a disease and we only approve drugs to treat a disease.” No doubt the complicity of many government officials in the fraud long perpetrated by the tobacco companies made an honest evaluation of the situation difficult.

The medical establishment still routinely subjects the public to the care of physicians who work 24-36 hour shifts for no good reason. People who drive after being awake for 17 to 19 hours perform worse than those with a blood alcohol level of .05 percent. That's the legal limit for drunk driving in most western European countries. Getting less than six hours of sleep a night can affect coordination, reaction time and judgment, posing "a very serious risk." (CNN) What quality of care can we expect from those impaired by sleep deprivation? Government must impose reasonable limits on work shifts. Mandating legible printed prescriptions will greatly reduce drug dispensing errors. The gross fraud perpetrated on the public by many drug companies must be acknowledged. Government must take measures to eliminate such practices as imaginary study data and selective reporting of studies depending on results. The FDA needs major reform. Their role should be to fairly evaluate a new drug and either approve it or not. They should have power to require clear warning labels relating to possible side effects. Those products without an FDA seal of approval should be freely available to the public. This would be by prescription where significant side effects are known to occur. Where studies or extensive use in the US or elsewhere demonstrate little public danger, an unapproved medicine should be available over the counter. Let the individual and his physician determine if a medicine is appropriate. Medicines should be clearly marked either “FDA Approved” or “NOT FDA Approved”; anyone who wishes to consume only FDA approved medicines will be free to do so. The FDA should no longer refuse access to possibly life-saving and life-enhancing nutrients and pharmaceuticals for political reasons. It is especially important that victims of terminal disease have access to any available therapy their physician approves. The only reason to ban or recall a food or substance is that it has been demonstrated to pose an unacceptable risk to public health. In most other cases, government’s role is to clearly label and otherwise educate the public, not to mandate a particular medical or nutritional philosophy based on nonscientific criteria. The US Constitution includes health freedom as one of humanity’s basic rights. While freedom of speech is also guaranteed by the US Constitution, unfortunately today in the US the people allowed to exercise free speech about dietary supplements are generally only those who have no financial ties to such products.

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Science magazine:

Studies now show that high levels of protein - particularly animal protein - in the American diet drain calcium from the body. Observations of various populations worldwide show that societies with high protein consumption have a high incidence of osteoporosis. Arctic aborigines, for example, eat large amounts of protein due to their heavy consumption of fish. Their diet is also extremely high in calcium, yet they suffer from high rates of osteoporosis. The amino acids released by protein in the body tend to deplete calcium from the bones. The calcium is then excreted in the urine.

Those who consume smaller amounts of protein and avoid animal protein require far less calcium in order to stay in calcium balance. Vegetarians have a lower incidence of osteoporosis than those on a meat-based diet. This is probably due to two factors: they eat more reasonable amounts of protein and they avoid animal proteins.

(Please note that excess protein has other negative health effects as well.)

Scientists believe we are well into a mass extinction event.

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